Review: Rise Up Rye Saison by Gun Hill Brewing Co

Rise Up Rye Saison by Gun Hill Brewing Co

Brewery: Gun Hill Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Rye Saison
ABV:  4.6%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  (If they tell my story I am either going to die on the battlefield in glory or) Rise Up Rye Saison Hamilton Legacy (I love Hamilton and had to have this beer). @gunhillbrewery (also my 3rd GH beer tonight)

I didn’t drink my Gun Hill Beers in order, and this was the third beer I drank that night.  But to be honest, the rye combined with the saison yeast still stood out to me.  This beer had a ton of character and grit (similar to Hamilton).

Saison’s aren’t my favorite (but they’re not on my avoid list either).  But, I really found myself enjoying this.  I think that the notes that the rye added to this really helped me enjoy this.


Photo Courtesy of Playbill (and Monica Simoes)

The 4.8 percent alcohol ale is brewed with rye, barley, New Zealand Wai-iti hops and saison yeast.

Check out this awesome article from Playbill:

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