Review: Weekend at Bronzies DIPA by The Veil Brewing Co.

Weekend at Bronzies by The Veil Brewing Co.

Brewery: The Veil Brewing Co.
Style: Double IPA (with Pineapple)
ABV: 9.2%

Beer God’s Notes

The pineapple in this was surpringly prevalent, not to the point where it’s overwhelming but it was an interesting beer. ┬áThis was another one of those beers that I never thought that I’d get.

The hop profile in this seemed to be really citrus based so the pineapple addition made this really tasty.

I was surprised that it was 9.2% thought, it didn’t taste it, making this a dangerously easy drinking higher ABV beer.


Weekend at Broznies is a 9.2% DIPA with Pineapple added. We brewed a batch of our 100% Citra DIPA Broz Night Out and then bombed it out with Pineapple

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