Review: Always A Bridesmaid IPA by Thin Man Brewery

Always A Bridesmaid IPA

Always A Bridesmaid IPA by Thin Man Brewery

Brewery: Thin Man Brewery
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV:  6.66%

Beer God’s Notes

This was a juice bomb that I was very happy with.  For a while, you couldn’t find a hoppy beer to save your life in Buffalo, but now, I’m happy to report that there are some good ones (especially at Thin Man). Always A Bridesmaid is definitely another hoppy but goody beer.

The overall taste was citrus and a little bit of stonefruit. I got a lot of orange juice and tangerine flavors upfront.  And the nose on this was really nice to match with lots of citrus and maybe a hint of passionfruit.

Always A Bridesmaid was a homerun for me.  I’m really glad that I got over to Thin Man to try this beer out.

Author: BeerGod

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