Venue Review: 80/20 Burger Bar | Norfolk, VA

80/20 Burger Bar – Norfolk, VA

Beer God’s Notes

Easily one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time. The burger was cooked to perfection along with the many different choices of fries. I got the old bay seasoned ones while my wife and in-laws got the house seasoned one. They were all good. There are so many choices for burgers that you might get confused but I can tell you that the burger with an egg on it was amazing.

They were busy when we arrived but the service was excellent. There was never a moment where I thought we were waiting for the waitress.

The beer menu was excellent. As a craft beer blogger I’m always worried I’m not going to find beer that I want or like somewhere. That was not a problem at 80/20. The draft list was good and the bottle list was even better. Lots to choose from and a good amount of variety too from stouts to kolsches.

If I return to Norfolk I will be returning to 80/20 for sure.


At 80/20 we strive to use the best ingredients that we have at our disposal. All of our beef is sourced from Leaping Waters Farm in Shenandoah, VA and certified grass-fed and grass-finished. We utilize local proteins and produce available to us.

Our objective is to support our area’s local farmers and their products to provide a healthy, unique, and cost-conscious experience. We boast over 100 beers supporting every local brewery that we can get our hands on.