Brewery Review: Big Ditch Brewing – Buffalo, NY

Big Ditch Brewing

Buffalo, NY

Big Ditch

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This was my third or fourth visit here, and I’m finally writing about it.  I met the owner a couple years ago in his garage when he was brewing the LAST garage batch of home brew “Big Ditch” beers.  Little did I know that he was going to be opening such a grand place. (See the image below for the humble beginnings of Big Ditch)

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I’ve had a pretty good selection of their beers, and a few of them really stood out to me.  The IPA is one that I keep coming back for (and I’ve ordered at other local establishments that serve it).  But, on this most recent trip I had their Imperial Stout, and that was really tasty.  It had lot of malt and roasted flavor to it and it went down really smooth.  The Double IPA is also a wonderfully balanced, yet still hoppy DIPA.

Here is my flight the first time I came to the brewery (which was last summer):

And now a picture of the flight from my most recent visit:

And now to @bigditchbrewing


I’ve also ordered food here numerous times, and each time I’ve gotten the Reuben (it’s absolutely delicious).  The most recent trip we made, my friend got one of their burgers and said that it was also really good.  But, I can vouch for the Reuben… delicious.  It normally comes with fries (which comes with one of their really good dipping sauces).  But this last trip I got their mac & cheese which was also really tasty.

I paired the Reuben with their Double IPA (two of my favorite things) and it turned out perfectly.  I couldn’t have asked for a much better dinner.


Overall, Big Ditch is one of my favorite places to recommend to people when they’re visiting Buffalo from out of town.  The beers are always good, the food has been wonderful, and the place is usually hopping!

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  1. Great write up on Big Ditch! I live in the Elmwood village and visit the hopin’ brewery often (pun intended). My favorite lately, like most basic brew buffs in Buffalo is the ever infamous Hayburner. Two pints and I’m flying high for the night in a delightful beer buzz that makes my tastebuds swoon! Thanks BeerGod, I’ve enjoyed your review!

    Buffalo Liz

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