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Maine Beer Company,
Freeport, ME


Maine Beer

I visited the brewery on my most visit to Maine; I have had a few of their releases that have made the journey down to Western NY.  Because of my experience with these few releases, I was incredibly excited to see what Maine Beer had in store for me.   I was excited that they had their brand new double IPA, “Dinner” on tap still and formulated my order based off wanting to try that beer.  I originally ordered a single flight, which was 4 beers, but realized that I wanted to try them all fresh in Maine, so I asked the person who was pouring for me if I could order the whole sample, he obliged and now, I’m sitting down with all 8 of my beers in front of me.  I can barely contain my excitement.

2014-06-15 14.29.01


Now, I faced with a choice, which beer will I choose first, and after that one, what am I going to have.  I always taste light to strong (not always ABV, but assumed flavor).  So I dove in and tried them in that order, finishing up with Lunch and Dinner (Lunch is their incredible IPA).  It wasn’t their darkest or strongest beers last, but I really wanted to enjoy Lunch and Dinner so I saved them for last.


2014-06-15 14.29.17

2014-06-15 14.29.20


Wow—everything I was hoping for was totally overcome by the awesome flavor that Lunch had fresh, and that Dinner had after my tongue was assaulted with Lunch.  (All of this talk about meals; I’m getting hungry—and thirsty again).   Dinner was dank and complex.  Not in your face like Enjoy By, but just what you would expect from MBC, super drinkable, but still complex and had almost the entire spectrum of hop flavors I’ve ever tasted.  I was sad that I couldn’t bring home a bottle (or 12) to share with all of my friends.  But there was something ultra-satisfying trying that beer in the brewery, surrounded by people who were there to enjoy beer and that’s it.   There were some board games, and other things to pass the time in the small footprint that is the tasting room, but I tell you what—with beer that good, you won’t need anything to pass the time, just order another glass and enjoy the day.


2014-06-15 15.04.28


Needless to say, if you are visiting Maine for an afternoon, or a week and love fresh tasty craft beer, you HAVE to stop there.  Awesome staff, f*cking incredible beer, and just a really cool vibe from the place.  Stop by, relax, and enjoy a beer (or 8).



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