Brewery Review: Union Craft Brewing – Baltimore, MD

Union Craft Brewing


Baltimore, Maryland


Union Craft Brewing was an unexpected find for me.  I’ve had their Double Duckpin thanks to a friend who lives in DC before but it wasn’t incredibly fresh so I had a hard time rating it.  Living in Buffalo, you don’t hear much hype about beers that aren’t distributed near us so I had heard very little about Union before I arrived at their doorstep.

Well, I was able to have the Double Duckpin and a BUNCH of other beers yesterday when I visited.  In case you’re curious, they have a good amount of parking (or at least it looked like they did).  I didn’t park there because I’d walked over from Waverly (a less than 5 min walk away).

I was surprised at how busy it was but then realized that they gave brewery tours on Saturdays every hour or so.  If you’re interested in that, they just turn the music down and make an announcement that the tour will be starting.

Once the tour group went out, the space was perfectly sized.  I was saddled up at the bar and had a nice view of all the amazing beer being poured.  The employees were all incredibly friendly and helpful to both regular drinkers and newbies.

The vibe was a very industrial meets DIY in a garage-like setting.  The flights were given out in some bent metal thing (I honestly don’t know what it was). But the glassware was branded nicely and everything was clean and welcoming.

Hoppy Sampler flight at @unionbrewing

I spent more time at Union than I expected and had a sample size of almost every beer on the menu.  The beers that really stood out to me here:

Double Duckpin (Double IPA)

Duckpin (Pale Ale)

Blackwing (Black Lager)

Old Pro (and Old Pro on Cask) (Gose)


I think that the beer that most surprised me was the Old Pro on cask.  It had lemon, lime, and ginger add to it and it honest to god tasted like Gatorade.  It was absolutely deicious.  You could still taste the salt and coriander but the refreshing qualities of the lemon and lime really stood out.

If you are in the Baltimore area do yourself a favor and check out Union Craft Brewery, you won’t be disappointed.

@unionbrewing Heavy Metal parking lot, bock 1000, boldengengüch

@unionbrewing Old Pro Gose and Old Pro Gose on cask with lemon, lime, and ginger

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