Event Review: Thin Man Brewing Tap Takeover and Brewed & Bottled

Awesome #taptakeover by @thinmanbrewery at @brewedbottled tonight. I loved Bliss DIPA

Event Review:

This is the… third event I’ve visited at Brewed & Bottled in Lewiston NY.  Being just up the road from me and owned by a passionate and beer-loving couple (Chris and Jessica Budde) who also happen to be my friends help.  But, living out here hasn’t been the best for beer until the last year or so.  Events seem to skip this area altogether, assuming that people in Niagara Falls, Lewiston, and beyond want to drive to Buffalo for tap-takeovers and events.

This is why I love Brewed & Bottled so much.  Chris and Jess are able to bring in events and tap takeovers that we crave.

The Thin Man Brewing tap takeover is just one of those events.

The tap list was awesome — all 6 taps were Thin Man brews and I was able to try beers that people have been telling me to try since Thin Man opened.

All I can say is that this year, I am thankful for Brewed and Bottled.


Event Info:



Three taps? How about six taps? We’re super stoked to let the cat out of the bag. Poor cat. Wednesday, Nov 23 we will be tapping 6 Thin Man Brewery kegs. This is real life. Thanks to Thin Man for making this possible! Get over and drink up these beers from Buffalo NY’s newest brewery! Bring your growlers for Thanksgiving! #SharingIsCaring


Thin Man Tap Takeover Beer List

1. Repeater | IPA w. New Zealand hops | 6%
Lots of New Zealand hop fruitiness in this new Thin Man IPA. Moderate bitterness and a round body accentuate the hop profile. Reach out and grab it.

2. It Tastes Better Than The Truth | IPA | 7%
A collaboration with Oceanside, NY’s Barrier Brewing. Tropical fruit, white grapes, pineapple juice, strawberries & honey. Crisp finish.

3. Bliss | Double IPA | 8%
Nose is dank pine and ripe citrus, mango, melon and a big juiciness. Hazy light gold.

4. Black Francis | Stout | 6.6%
Robust stout, black with a fine, tan head. Aroma and flavors of roasted malt and coffee.

5. Charleroi | Saison | 4.2%
Floral, light melon, pepper, orange zest. Crisp & light finish with a hint of honeysuckle. Lightly dry hopped with a mix of European and New Zealand hops.

6. Myrna | Apricot Sour | 4.2%
Apricot sour with 100% brett fermentation and over 500 pounds of apricot. Big juicy fruit flavor and aroma, balanced tartness.

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