Food Pairing: Hi-Res (by Sixpoint), a Reuben, and Tots… the perfect trio

@sixpoint hi-res and a Reuben. Such a perfect pairing. The two played off each other so well.


Sixpoint Hi-Res Triple IPA, a Reuben, and Tots @ World of Beer

Brewery: Sixpoint Brewing, Brooklyn, NY
Beer Style:  Triple IPA
ABV: 10.5%
IBUs: 115


Hi-Res, a Reuben, and some tots.  Such a perfect pairing. The three played off each other so well.  Hi-Res is one of my favorite “seasonal” beers done by Sixpoint.  The hops are so strong in this that Hi-Res almost has a sweetness to it.  You definitely can’t drink a ton of these (or more than one) in one sitting, but if you want a nice beer to go with your food — this one is it.  Yes, it’s a strong flavor, but playing off of the bite from the Reuben was perfect.  The two strong flavors played together so well.

Photo taken at: World of Beer, Walden Galleria




To see the hop cone up close, we zoomed in microscopic, and found a hi-res view. In Hi-Resolution, the hop optic was magnified; our perception, fully amplified. It’s microscopic. It’s telescopic. It’s off-topic. It’s Mad Science.

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