News: Modern Times to open the Modern Times Academy of Recreational Science in Santa Barbara, CA

Modern Times to open the Modern Times Academy of Recreational Science in Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara has long been one of our favorite leisure destinations, sporting breathtaking scenery, a super rad downtown area, and an extremely solid contingent of Modern Times homies and League members. That’s why we’re decidedly thrilled to announce the addition of our very own restaurant and tap room to this jewel of the California coast. That’s right, Santa Barbarians–you can now officially anticipate the arrival of 5,000 square feet of pure, unmitigated libational wonder as we bring you the Modern Times Academy of Recreational Science.

Located on South State Street in downtown SB, this forthcoming palace of sensory delights will feature a full menu of the highest quality noms ever nommed, as well as a dazzling array of delicious beers from all of our brewery locations. The new restaurant will include an indoor bar and table seating, a store featuring a luxurious assortment of merchandise and to-go beers, and a gorgeous 2,500-square-foot outdoor area with additional dining and bar space. The aforementioned store will also serve as a pickup location for online special release sales. If there was ever any doubt in your minds, we will most definitely be outfitting the new space with a full complement of our brain-bending art installations and wonderfully weird design features.

We’re aiming to have this whole shebang up and running by the end of the year. We could not be more amped to be joining this rad community, as well as our friends at Good Lion/Test Pilot and Barbareno, both of whom we’re extremely psyched to be future co-tenants with.

As is commonly the case in endeavors of this magnitude of awesomeness, there are a lot of moving parts, and timelines are subject to change. That said, we’ll most certainly keep everyone posted on all the latest news via our social media accounts and email newsletter. Also, we feel compelled to reassure all of our homies in Anaheim and Encinitas that this new location will IN NO WAY affect the timeline for any of our forthcoming new fiesta venues.

We are insanely excited to have found such a killer spot for our new Santa Barbara home, and we’ll have more news coming down the line soon. Stay tuned.