SYNEK – Craftsmanship Deserves to be Shared

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SYNEK – Craftsmanship Deserves to be Shared



(ST. LOUIS) After raising $650,000 on Kickstarter and a subsequent $3.1 million in initial funding, SYNEK (“sin-eck”) announces three major product innovations that will further expand the quality and variety of beer to its customers.

“We’re not a one trick pony,” said Steve Young, SYNEK founder and CEO. “Delivering the last preorder is just the beginning of our quest to make great beer available to all.”

While hundreds of breweries already partnered, introducing the Growler Adapter will expedite their vision of perfect access by tapping into the industry standard. For the first time, this expands SYNEK’s capabilities to the increasingly popular nitrogen infused beers.

To optimize for the strong homebrewing community, the newly redesigned SYNEK cartridges now tout a 50 percent higher pressure rating. The reinforced design allows homebrewers an easier, safer and cleaner way to package and pour their own brews.

A vast majority of the beer industry currently uses vented faucets. While common, these faucets introduce beer killing oxygen with every pour. By creating a simple pliable sling, these taps can be upgraded to provide higher quality and longer lasting beer whether enjoyed in a pint glass, growler or SYNEK cartridge.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, just beer,” Young said.

All of these innovations are currently being tested by select breweries and will be available mass market in Spring 2016.


So… I definitely want one of these.  I can’t afford one right now, but I want one.  I would love a way to keep my local breweries beer fresh and drinkable without having to spend the money on a full sized kegorator AND kegs.  This seems to be the perfect small-batch addition to the craft beer scene.  With loads of investors and a lot of

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