Book Review: Beeronomics: How Beer Explains the World by Johan Swinnen and Devin Briski (Narrated by Liam Gerrard)

 Interesting But A Little Dry (like a Brut)

3 out of 5 stars

I’m pretty into the world of beer. I also write a beer blog when I’m not working or reading audiobooks.  When I saw that there was a book coming out about “How Beer Explains The World” I was intrigued. In execution it was… okay.  That’s the proper wording of it. Sure, there are parts that were fascinating and were well thought out and executed but the combination of some misses here and there and a narrator that didn’t work for me made this book fall just a little short for me.

The premises inside were interesting, and I found some of them more intriguing than others.  Having graduated from college with a BS in Marketing I had to take my fair share of Economics classes and they can be a bit dry.  Beeronomics falls into the same issue but makes it a little easier to learn/listen to by making it about beer. If I hadn’t almost slept through my Econ classes before I probably would have loved to have heard this first.

As I mentioned above, the narration fell a little short for me. I just couldn’t get into his voice and cadence and it would throw me off.  I know that others won’t have any issues at all, but for me, it didn’t work.

Overall though, if you are interested in interesting analogies from the beer world to the rest of the world then this book is for you. The audio might work for you too, listen to the sample and see for yourself!

As a part-time amateur designer – I have to mention that the cover really caught my attention.  So great job on that.  It really made me interested in what the book had to say.