Product Review: Bullets2Bandages – .50 Caliber Bottle Opener


Bullets2Bandages .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Product Name: .50 Caliber Bottle Opener
ProducerBullets2Bandages (San Diego, CA)



Redefining The Purpose of a Bullet.

Will open any crown-capped bottle with ease.

Once-Fired Brass

Military Grade

I have been following these guys on Instagram for quite some time, and I absolutely loved the product, and once I read about how they donate 15% of their profits to veteran charities I was hooked.  Seriously, a bullet bottle opener… what a gift for anyone who likes beer and guns (I know A LOT of people).  And now that I’m holding one in my hand, I promise, it is seriously as cool as it looks.


How many of you REALLY know how big a .50 caliber bullet actually is.  Show this off to your friends, it is really that cool.



Seriously, this thing is incredible.  It’s sexy and its size is only dwarfed by how it feels in your hand.  It’s honestly hard to believe that there are guns that fire this size bullet.






So, the way that you can tell if you are doing something right is to see if there are people who are copying you… but beware of cheaper competition, These guys are the real deal, they do this with passion and they are committed to helping out veterans charities while they make an awesome product.


And to reward my readers, they have teamed up with me to offer a 15% off your order code.


Just enter: BEERGOD15 in the code area and you will get 15% off of any product that they sell (seriously there is some awesome stuff!)


Help these guys help others!

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