Product Review: “Murdered Out” PurpleHeart YOpeners

My "murdered out" PurpleHeart @YOpeners came today. So sexy. A super limited #YOpener with blacked out hardware out into PurpleHeart wood.

“Murdered Out” PurpleHeart YOpeners

Beer God’s Notes

My “murdered out” PurpleHeart @YOpeners came today. So sexy. A super limited #YOpener with blacked out hardware out into PurpleHeart wood.

I’m SUPER happy with this.  I didn’t get this engraved because money was tight, but the simplicity of this with the black hardware (or murdered out as John & Josh call them) makes this a super sexy piece of equipment.  Every time I bring this or any of my YOpeners to a bottle share or just to open the bottle I normally use — someone has a question about it… normally it’s “where can I get one?”  And the answer is:

Bourbon Barrel Stout
It’s a YOpeners party with this Bourbon Barrel Stout by Anderson Valley. Pictured are both the Wine Barrel YOpener and the Murdered out PurpleHeart YOpeners



These openers are made from Purpleheart and feature all black hardware. This Rare Earth version of the opener includes a built in wax-cutter for the whalez you plan on opening with your buddies. It also has a convenient leather strap.

This special edition also has a rare earth magnet embedded so it will stick to the fridge AND hold onto the cap when you open your bottle.

There are two things that make these handmade openers special:

  1. The unique design opens the bottle while leaving the cap in perfect condition with no bends or creases of any kind. If you love craft beer and collect the caps like I do, this will prove most useful for you.
  2. These openers were all handmade by me and my son who is affected by Autism and is legally blind. He loves to “help” me woodwork so I help him press in the carriage bolts to the openers. His vision and dexterity make it too scary for me to let him use the table saw or other cutting tools.

This is a project that gives us an excuse to get out and make some sawdust together. As you can see by the pricing and shipping, we are not making much, if any, money on the openers. The price basically covers the cost of materials and shipping so we can buy more materials and keep making them.

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