Product Review: YOpeners Bourbon Barrel Aged Bottle Bopener

YOpeners – Bourbon Barrel Aged Rare-Earth Opener




Product Review

Product Name: YOpeners Bourbon Barrel Aged Opener
Producer: John Miller and his son: aka YOpeners (Tulsa, OK)



“The unique design opens the bottle while leaving the cap in perfect condition with no bends or creases of any kind. If you love craft beer and collect the caps like I do, this will prove most useful for you.”


The normal one (usually made from Maple) is incredibly cool looking, but I went for the Bourbon Barrel Aged one that once held “Heaven Hill bourbon used to age Marshall Brewing Company’s Bound For Glory”


Photo Courtesy of @drewski_s on Instagram



This is one of those products that I kept hearing about and it sounded almost too good to be true.  I finally got to use one at my friends house over Christmas.  I fell in love.  It’s simple design and ability to leave the cap unbent was a huge selling point for me.  The wax cutter on the side, an absolute must for those who are “slayin’ whalez” all the time.  I can’t tell you how many times I went to cut the wax off of bottle and almost hurt myself.  The wax cutter saves me the effort and the harm.  The rare earth magnet to hold the cap from flying off… even bigger bonus.

Oh, and he makes these in his spare time with his son who is blind and has autism.  He calls it their “excuse to get out and make some sawdust together” —  Now I already wanted one of these before I saw that but after that, I had to have one.

John & Josh
Photo by Tom Gilbert/Tulsa World

Do yourself a favor and buy one.  It’s an incredible opener and it supports a great guy making great products in the USA.


2016 update:

I’ve now owned 4 of these total, this one I actually did a giveaway for a while back.  I’ve now owned the Bourbon Barrel, the Wine Barrel, the Blacked Out PurpleHeart, and the Paduak versions of these amazing products.  They are just the pefect opener, and you can’t get better than their story.  It’s been a while now and I’m completely satisfied with the quality, the customer service, and the usability of the YOpeners product.



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