Hotbox Roasters Frank Sumatra – Good morning to me!! #LetsHotBox

Hotbox Roasters

HotBox Roasters Frank Sumatra Medium Roast Coffee

Good morning to me!!


HotBox Roasters Frank Sumatra Medium Roast Coffee was the perfect way to start out this snowy Buffalo morning


I used to drink A LOT of medium roast coffees. They were my favorite.  Until I discovered whole bean dark roasted coffee… then you couldn’t stop me.  I honestly haven’t bought a medium roast in a while.  Insert Frank Sumatra.  Holy balls was this good.  The whole bean gives off such an aroma every time I open the can to grind up my morning coffee.

From the onset, I was happy about this coffee, then I kicked it up a notch by brewing it in my French Press.  This took these bean to a whole other level.


Fair Trade Organic Sumatra Mandheling coffee.

Coffee from this region is produced in small size farms and is processed by the system “Gilling Basah” (wet hulling). The coffee has a very characteristic bluish color, which is attributed to the processing method.

First thing you get when this coffee hits your mouth is you notice how smooth this coffee is… This Sumatra has some great characteristics of Citrus, butterscotch, and Mendocino pinewood.

Coffee comes whole bean in can.

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