Review: NewAir “Beers of the World” 126-Can Beverage Fridge

My Thoughts:

So, this is awesome. The exclusive decals on the entire thing really make this unit stand out. Seriously, I have it kind of tucked away in my office/man cave and every person that walked by noticed it and asked me about it. I kind of wish I had someone better to show it off.

The light on the top is great (unless you have a beer right under it). My only major complaint about the light is that it’s all or nothing. You either have it on all the time or off all the time (no door sensor). While there is nothing wrong with that (and it’s super easy to turn on with a switch at the top on the inside) it’s just something I didn’t realize I wanted/needed until I didn’t have it anymore.

Door open so you can get a good look at the inside

The packaging and promotion state that this can hold up to 126 cans – while I’m sure there is a perfect way to get 126 cans in here – it definitely holds more than my “regular” beer fridge did. (I had a large dorm fridge before this). I took a couple shelves out to make grabbing the beers easier and my current set up is 2 shelves along with the bottom.

This set up holds 5 across (16oz or 12oz) and about 4-5 deep. The best part is that I don’t have to keep my larger format (larger than 16oz cans or 22oz bottles) in another fridge. This one keeps them safely in the bottom.

Showing off my beer nicely AND a side shot of the decals on the side

I know and even looking at the picture – could probably get 2 rows of 12oz cans but this is more than enough for me right now. I probably have about 75 beers in there and I’m perfectly happy with that!

The temperature gauge is set at the top (next to the light) and it’s easy to set – just pick a number (while looking at the owner’s manual) and forget about it.

Easily the best part about it is that it’s really quiet. I had a dorm fridge in here before and that thing was loud. I knew from almost any room in my house that it was turning on – but this one I can barely tell it’s on/running. It’s quiet, efficient, and definitely keeps my beers at the temperature I want.

Another feature that I liked and didn’t expect was that I can open the door wide open. This made loading it the first time (and then grabbing beers that I wanted from it later) super easy. It’s the little things that NewAir thought of that really make this fridge stand out to me.

Overall, it’s an awesome fridge that I’m extremely glad I have in my office now. It shows off my beer collection and is also a talking point when I have friends over. It’s definitely an upgrade from what I had before and I can’t wait until I refill it again and again.

If you’re so inclined – you can get your own here – using promo code BeerGod20

Product Info:

Show off your home bar or man cave with the custom designed “Beers of the World” 126-Can Beverage Fridge. The exterior is custom painted in durable graphic lettering that proudly names all your favorite beer varieties from all over the world. Inside, you get the same icy chill and smart organizational features that you’ve come to expect from NewAir products.