Review: Lloyd’s Christmas Ale by Ellicotteville Brewing Co.

Lloyd's Christmas Ale

Lloyd’s Christmas Ale by Ellicottville Brewing Co.

Brewery: Ellicottville Brewing Company, Ellicottville, NY
Style: Belgian Brown Ale
ABV: 8%

Beer God’s Notes

This had a very light and airy smell with a hint of ginger. Not a lot of extra flavor going on here. You can get some of the fig, just because it’s a unique flavor that isn’t normally in beer. The ginger was there, but just as a slight “bite” on your tongue.



Brewed in the ‘Aspen of the East’, this brew commemorates the trip through the hills that many make to enjoy their winter and celebrate their holidays in Ellicottville. Brewed with fresh ginger and figs, this festive brown ale has a well-rounded body and just the right amount of character in all the right places.

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