Review: Tropical Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery

@flyingdogbrewery Tropical Bitch

Brewery: Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, MD
Beer Style:  Belgian IPA
ABV:  8%
IBUs: 55

Beer God's Notes

This was interesting.  Raging Bitch was one of the first beers that I tried that was outside of the “normal” and I really enjoyed it.  The Tropical Bitch is a unique spin on it with pineapple and mango giving the Belgian yeast characteristics a nice pop of citrus flavors.  I normally have a hard time taking down a few Belgians after another, but this beer even at 8% is really easy drinking and I could take a few down in one sitting.

Flying Dog has been one of those breweries that their naming scheme always made me smile.  Working for a distributor I was always questioned about this, and I’m glad to see that they have not shied away from it.  I’m hoping to get to the brewery in the near future (I’m attending a wedding in Baltimore this summer) and I would love to chat with some of the brewmasters when I’m there.  This is also another brewery that I can’t believe that I still don’t have #properglassware for.  I’ve always wanted a snifter with their logo on it and/or their motto “Good People Drink Good Beer” but I’ve never pulled the trigger on it.


Tropical Bitch

For years she’s gone walking. And time after glorious time, she never disappoints. We released Raging Bitch for our 20th anniversary, so a spin on the Belgian IPA you know and love only made sense for our 25th.

Food Pairings:

Pineapple and mango dominate with subtle passionfruit and sticky sweet, yet crisply bitter, hop notes. Give this beer a whirl with spicy Mexican and you’ll never go back to a mango margarita again.

Brewer Breakdown:

Specialty Malts: Pale Malt, Caramel Malt

Hops: Warrior, Galaxy, Amarillo

Yeast: Belgian

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