Mercury The Winged Messenger by Bell’s Brewing Co.

Mercury The Winged Messenger

Brewery: Bell’s Brewing Co, Kalamazoo, MI
Beer Style:  Belgian Single
ABV:  4.8%

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The Winged Messenger

STYLE: Belgian Single

RELEASE DATE: December 2014

ABV: 4.8%

COLOR: Pale, straw


TASTING NOTES: Light and sessionable like its namesake, the third release in the Bell’s Planets Series, Mercury: The Winged Messenger, was inspired by the Belgian Single, a style traditionally brewed by monks in Belgium for their own consumption.

This interpretation has bready and grainy notes from Belgian malt, herbal and balanced characteristics from the hops and a subtle, but spicy character from the Belgian yeast. Fruity notes of pear are also present in this light, bright and complex session beer.

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