High Striker Single by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Co, Cleveland, OH
Beer Style: Belgian Single
ABV:  4.8%
IBUs: 20

Beer God’s Notes

I honestly don’t remember exactly what I thought while drinking this.  I definitely remembered it being a little light in flavor, but then again I love my big and bold beers.  Singles aren’t really my thing.  But, it’s a Great Lakes beer, I had to try it.

If you’re a Belgian fan, especially a lighter bodied and easy drinking one — this beer would definitely be up your alley.



Inspired by the North Coast’s theme parks, classic midway games, and Belgium’s carnival tradition, High Striker Single is a lightweight Belgian style golden ale stricken with spicy, earthy hops and a touch of wheat. Give High Striker a swing (or a swig). Every sip is a winner


Light in body with mild fruitiness and spiciness


Steamed mussels, Caesar salad, French toast, and tangy cheeses

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