Review: American Music Take 4 by Brickyard Brewing Co.

American Music Take 4 by Brickyard Brewing Co.

Brewery: Brickyard Brewing Co.
Style: NE IPA / Saison Hybrid
ABV: 5.3%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  Really interesting flavors out of American Music Take 4 from @brickyard_brewing_company – @johnnyneurotic is doing some interesting things in the saison front.

I’m not really sure what John was going for with  American Music Take 4, but goddamnit I like it.  I heard it was brewed as a Saison or for Saison Day – and I definitely got a lot of the herbal and earthy notes out of this – but then it had the haze craze of a New England IPA and some of the citrus to match.

If you haven’t been to Brickyard Brewing and you live near me – what is wrong with you? If you’re not from here – take a trip to Niagara Falls – and head 15 minutes north to Lewiston, NY and grab some beers. You won’t regret it.


NE IPA meets French farmhouse. Heaps of Azacca and Idaho 7. Hazy orange with a dense, clingy head. Juicy fruit and melon meets semi-dry, spicy Saison finish.