Review: Samuel Adams Berliner Weisse by Boston Beer Co.

Samuel Adams Berliner Weisse by Boston Beer Co.

Brewery: Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams)
Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.8%
IBUs: 15

Beer God’s Notes

Sometimes a beer just hits the style perfectly, and that’s what Berliner Weisse from Boston Beer did. I haven’t had a berliner that felt this close to “exact” style in quite some time.  They didn’t do anything funky or special, it feels like they just went out to make a really tasty and easy drinking Berliner Weisse.

Crisp and a little sour without that mouth-punch feeling, this is a really easy-drinking summer beer.


Light golden and highly effervescent, this beer’s bright flavor and light, bubbly body are the definition of summer refreshment. Its fresh lemon citrus note is complemented by a subtle malt character, and the combination of White Wheat and acidulated malt add a crisp, tart flavor. Delicious as it is traditional, this beer will have you craving another sip.