@troegsbeer Nugget Nectar… Now in cans!

@troegsbeer Nugget Nectar... Now in cans!


Nugget Nectar (2016)

Brewery: Troegs Brewing Co, Hershey, PA
Beer Style:  Imperial Red Ale
ABV:  7.5%

Beer God's Notes


That picture though…

This beer is one of my all-time favorites.  It was one of the first hoppy beers I ever tried and it holds a special place in my heart.  I’m fortunate to be able to try this really fresh ever January/February when we get it locally.  Nugget Nectar has been in my top five favorite beers to drink since the moment I had my first.  #YouNeverForgetYourFirstNectar

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This year, they did switch all of their branding and I was a little worried about them switching away from the NN logo I liked.  But I actually like the new logo more!  Such beautiful work by the Troegs designer team.


Nugget Nectar Logo

Nugget Nectar

Availability: January to March

Malt: Munich, Pilsner, Vienna

Hops: Nugget, Palisade, Simcoe, Tomahawk, Warrior

HopBack Hops: Nugget

Yeast: Ale

Color: Straw / Orange

IBUs: 93


It’s impossible to forget your first squeeze. Once a year, as the newest humulus lupulus harvest arrives at Tröegs, we blend these super-fresh hops into an Imperial Amber Ale. Excessively dry-hopped, Nugget Nectar is an explosion of pine, resin and mango.

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