Review: 2XSMaSH by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

2XSMaSH (Mosaic & Special Pale Malt by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

 Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Co., Lakewood, NY
Beer Style:  Single Varietal Double India Pale Ale
ABV:  8.1%

Beer God’s Notes

I think that 2016 is going to be the year of two different styles of beer — Fruit IPA’s and SMaSH beers (Single Malt and Single Hop).

This SMaSH beer takes center stage.  Good lord is this amazing.  The hops take the front position in this and never let up.  Not exactly balanced, but I’m okay with that.  Usually, SMaSH beers are weaker because of the lack of diversity.  Not in this case.  The Mosaic is really tasty and pairs really well with the malt that they chose. There is a lot of tropical flavors in play here thanks to the Mosaic hop.

For some reason, Souther Tier’s IPA selection has always been average to above average to me.  This beer was on a whole other level for me.


stbc_2011 body labels_pale

2XSMaSH is the newest in our line of Single Malt and Single Hop India Pale Ales brewed with Mosaic hops and Special pale malt.  Even simplified to one variety of hop and one type of malt, it is amazing how complex the flavor is.  Mosaic hops are known for their luxurious tropical citrus notes like passionfruit and work absolutely brilliantly with the richness of the Special Pale malt. Cheers!

Food Pairings: Roasted chicken, smoked brisket, sharp and bleu cheese, very sweet desserts like creme brulee.

INGREDIENTS: Ale yeast, Mosaic hops and Special Pale malt
COLOR: Deep gold
EFFERVESCENCE: Ample carbonation
AROMA & FLAVOR: Slightly nutty and bready notes from the malts, with citrus, pine, herbal, mint and black pepper flavors from the Mosaic hops.
BODY: Medium
GLASS: Favorite glass or snifter

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