Review: Out Come The Wolves by Lavery Brewing Co

@laverybrewingco Out Come The Wolves IIPA

Out Come The Wolves Imperial IPA by Lavery Brewing Co.

Brewery: Lavery Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Imperial IPA
ABV:  10%
IBUs: 100+

Beer God's Notes

Lavery is a hometown favorite of mine.  I love getting new and fresh Lavery brews every time I’m back in Erie.  When I heard about this release, I called on my buddy Eric to grab me one since he’s still around Erie and he is a frequent to Lavery Brewing…  Boy, am I glad that I asked him to grab this for me.

An absolute assault on your taste buds.  Out Come The Wolves is just a brutal hop bomb that is incredibly delicious.  At 10% and over 100 IBUs this isn’t a beer that you will soon forget.  If you were lucky enough to have this on draft, I envy you.  Lavery Brewing has mastered many styles (including Farmhouse Ales and coffee stouts) and they definitely know how to make a wonderfully beautiful DIPA/IIPA.

Out Come The Wolves was really enjoyable and I’m glad that I was given a chance to try it.



Out Come The Wolves

My buddy Eric Smyklo took that photo and he’s only one of 2 people that I know of that can take nicer beer pics than me. He’s an incredible wedding photographer and you should check him out: Smyklo Photo

Humulus lupulus, the Latin name for our beloved hops, translates to ‘wolf among shrubs’. The hops in this beer are wolves indeed: fierce, aggressive and packing a powerful bite.

out come the wolves is a battering ram of flavor from west coast hops. Sure to get all the punk rockers and the moon stompers in a hopped up frenzy!

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