Review: DIPA Underground by To Øl Brewing Co

DIPA Underground by To Øl Brewing

Brewery:  To Øl Brewing
Beer Style:  DIPA
ABV:  8.5% 

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: When I saw the color of this I knew it wasn’t going to be up my alley. It was hoppy for sure but also incredibly balanced. I liked it but it was also totally forgettable. @toolbeer DIPA

It’s hard with beers like this.  I respect the hell out of it, since I know it’s incredibly balanced.  But I’ve come to realize something about myself.  I don’t really like balance. Almost every beer style that I really enjoy is totally unbalanced.  I love Double IPAs, big bold barrel-aged stouts, and anything with an intense flavor to it.

With that said, this beer was still really tasty, just not 100% my style.  If you like really balanced IPAs and DIPAs, you should definitely check this beer out.  But if you’re looking for big and bold one-sided pine and juice bombs that have been floating around, this is definitely not it.


A beer of gargantuan proportions. We have produced a double IPA chock-full of Centennial and Mosaic hops, a beer so powerful it will drive you ‘DIPA Underground’. At 8.5% ABV this beer is clean, well balanced and sure to have you dancing on cinema seats and dodging crashing helicopters no time!

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