@lagunitasbeer Bitter Oats in #properglassware with my @YOpeners

@lagunitasbeer Bitter Oats in #properglassware with my @YOpeners

Bitter Oats (2016 One-Hitter)

Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Co. Petaluma, CA
Beer Style:  Double IPA
ABV:  10.5%
IBUs: n/a

Beer God's Notes

Well, my first thoughts were… “damn this is a dank beer” – it’s super sticky and resinous.  My second thought was “oh crap, I gotta go get more of this!”  It’s absolutely delicious and I wish there was an IBU number on it.  I’m betting it’s super high just from the mouthfeel I get after drinking it.

Lagunitas is one of those breweries that keep surprising me — and this beer is no different.  I hope to see more Bitter Oats in the near future.


Ale Brewed With Boatloads of Oats and a Mountain of Hops

This big boozy blonde was brewed with a boatload of oats, giving it a creamy, sweet mouthfeel with a hoppy blast. It’s like a powdered sugar doughnut topped with deliciously bitter, danky resinous hops. Chow down!


In he arcane land of mathematics the value ‘0’ (zero) is not a value at all but rather an approximation of a value, a marker to indicate an inflection point. It is officially known to quants as a ‘non-negative, non-positive’ value. It is a place between worlds. The river Styx is one of those places and so is that spot where the beer in your glass turns into the air you’re breathing. It’s the place in space-time where the vector of velocity changes from North to South, the place where your head is at the moment when you change your mind, and it’s the comma in ‘she loves me, she loves me not’. It’s the moment between instants, it’s a place of infinite possibility and it’s as common and as unobserved as a phenenomon as the punky lyric ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ there have been a couple dozen of them right here in the writing of this blurb and IT makes all the difference… What’s it got do do with beer? Call us! 707-769-4495

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