Review: Nimble Giant by Troegs Brewing Co

@troegsbeer Nimble Giant DIPA - really happy with this one. And loving my new @buffalobeermug #hophead glassNimble Giant by Troegs Brewing

Brewery: Troegs Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Double IPA
ABV:  9%

Beer God’s Notes

Well then.  This beer is incredible.  I’ve been a fan of Troegs since I can remember.  Nugget Nectar was really one of the first hoppy beers I can remember liking.  And ever since then I love to check out the different beers that they offer.

Nimble Giant was wonderful.  The grapefruit hops really grapple with your tongue and throw it to the mat.  I was getting a really nice smooth mouthfeel and I was surprised about how easy this was to drink.

If you can #FindTheGiant I would highly recommend it.  This is a beer for hop heads and balanced beer fans alike.  Troegs took a swing for the fences and knocked it out of the park with this one.



We didn’t set out to release another Double IPA, but when we tasted this hop combination, we latched on and didn’t let go.

Nimble Giant evolved from our small-batch Scratch Series.

It started as an experiment with Mosaic hops, and after six Scratch batches it became Nimble Giant

We like how this beer builds.

The layers of Mosaic, Azacca, and Simcoe hops take over your senses. Mango, tropical fruit, and creamsicle notes give the beer a silky, juicy underbelly that builds to a punch in the face of grapefruit rind, honeysuckle, and pineapple.

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