Review: Smells Like Drew’s Jacket by Community Beer Works

@communitybeer Smells Like Drew's Jacket before lunch... So delicious. Lots of amazing flavors going on here.

Smells Like Drew’s Jacket by Community Beer Works

Brewery: Community Beer Works
Beer Style:  Double IPA
ABV:  8.2%
IBUs: 55

Beer God's Notes

The first thing I noticed was that this smells amazing, and honestly, if Drew’s jacket really smells like this, I would definitely like to own it! The next thing I noticed was that there was a nice sweetness to it.  In a hoppy kind of way.  Normally this kind of sweetness is reserved for triple IPAs that top the 125 IBU charts, but this accomplishes it with only about 55 IBUs which is pretty awesome.

I really enjoyed everything about this beer, and I’m now sad that there isn’t much left.  I was lucky that the new place close to my house still has some on tap.  So lucky that I may have to swing back down there and get some more.

Also, if you’re from Buffalo and haven’t been checking out CBW yet, what the hell are you waiting for? These guys are doing stuff right! I’ve been getting better and better beers from them with every new glass.



East Coast Hops and a West Coast Booty, super dank, piney, and herbacious!

Made with Nugget, Chinook, and a few other hops. Smells Like Drew’s Jacket was named in reference to “it smells like Otto’s jacket” from the Simpsons.


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