Review: Space Kitty Citra DIPA by Rohrbach Brewing Co.

Space Kitty Citra DIPA by Rohrbach Brewing Co.

Brewery: Rohrbach Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Double IPA
ABV:  8.4%
IBUs: 96 

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  pretty tasty. Definitely the best beer from Rohrbach I’ve had yet.

As I said above, this is by far my favorite beer from Rohrbach yet.  Their Vanilla Porter is pretty tasty too, but this is their first IPA/DIPA that I’ve tried and I enjoyed it.  It was balanced (almost overly so).  I do see that it’s supposed to be pretty bitter (96 IBUs), but I wasn’t getting all of that.  I thought that it had a nice and balanced malt-bill to it.

The artwork on this is pretty awesome too (another nice differentiation from their normal beers). I’m pretty sure that the Space Kitty that I had was fresh, but I can imagine that this beer is pretty great coming straight off the canning line.

It’s touted as being a “Citra DIPA” but I couldn’t pull any singular hop profile from this.  I’ve had a lot of Single Hop IPAs before where you could tell which hop it was or at least some of the characteristics of the hop, but nothing jumped out at me in Space Kitty.

If you’re in Western NY and are in for a hop-fix, Space Kitty should do the trick for you.


This American Double IPA features a trio of rare hops, high in alpha acids and juicy oils, that mimic those wonderful IPAs and Double IPAs of the West Coast that we love so dearly. Do not age Space Kitty and please drink fresh!

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