Review: Trial by Combat DIPA by Brewmaster Jack

Trial by Combat Double IPA by Brewmaster Jack

Brewery: Brewmaster Jack Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Double IPA
ABV:  8%
IBUs: 90

Beer God’s Notes

Trial by combat (also wager of battle, trial by battle or judicial duel) was a method of Germanic law to settle accusations in the absence of witnesses or a confession in which two parties in dispute fought in single combat; the winner of the fight was proclaimed to be right. In essence, it was a judicially sanctioned duel. It remained in use throughout the European Middle Ages, gradually disappearing in the course of the 16th century.From Wikipedia

Original Tasting Notes: absolutely amazing artwork on this. I couldn’t get the full shot since it went around the can. But awesome artwork to match an awesome beer. Easily the best beer I’ve had from them.

I wrote when drinking this that it was the best beer I’ve had from them.  That was not hyperbole.  It really was.  There was something about it that just hit me right.

It wasn’t overly sweet, even with the addition of passionfruit.  And the hops that were added to this were ridiculously tasty.  It was a hop bomb for sure, but still had a nice balance of flavors.


Trial by Combat is a double India pale ale brewed with passionfruit juice. A high percentage of malted wheat provides a delicate, smooth mouthfeel. The passionfruit juice acts to complement the intense citrus flavors of the Citra, Motueka, and Amarillo hops. 8% Alcohol by volume.
Availability: January/July

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