Review: Workers Are Going Home IIPA by Singlecut Beersmiths

Workers Are Going Home IIPA by Singlecut Beersmiths

Brewery: Singlecut Beersmiths
Beer Style:  Imperial IPA
ABV:  8%
IBUs: 122

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting notesWorkers Are Going Home by @singlecutbeer – there was something about this beer that hit me different. Normally double IPAs with 100+ IBUs go down smooth with a nice hop profile. But this has a slightly bready yeast or malt characteristic that sat funny on my tongue. Still enjoyable though.

I posted those original tasting notes on Instagram when I first posted this beer.  Singlecut wrote back saying it was easily their most complex IIPA they’ve ever made.  I couldn’t agree more.  I spent most of the time while I was drinking this beer trying to figure out what all the flavors were.

I’m usually pretty good at describing what I enjoy about a beer, and most of the time I can tell you what I don’t like.  With Workers Are Going Home, I honestly couldn’t place it.  There was something in the finish of this beer that hit me the wrong way.  The irony is that I still really enjoyed the beer.  I was more frustrated that I couldn’t place the flavor or flavor profile that I didn’t like.

I’ve heard amazing things about this beer from a few of my friends and I have to agree.  The complexity along perturbed me enough to want another one.


AND WHEN THEY GET HOME they’re cracking open this super soft and smooth, stone fruit / mild tangerine / mango IIPA that drinks like a much more sessionable brew. Hey it’s nice to know every day has its night.

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