Review: Mosaic Mango IPA by Lavery Brewing Co.

Holy mother of god this is good. @laverybrewingco Mosaic Mango IPA

Mosaic Mango IPA by Lavery Brewing Co.

Brewery: Lavery Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Fruit IPA
ABV:  7.3%
IBUs: 68 

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  Holy mother of God this is tasty.

So, yeah. I have an extremely soft spot for Lavery.  So when I found out they were doing a one-off of a Mango IPA I just had to get in on it.  Thanks to a close friend and beer buddy Eric (who is an INSANELY talented photographer, seriously check out Smyklo Photo) I was able to get my hands on a 4 pack of this insanely good beer.

The mango in this is there, usually a fruit flavor like that kind of blends in with the other hops that are used.  But the mango is extremely there and makes this beer incredibly easy to drink.

Lavery is doing something right, especially when it comes to IPAs.  So if you found yourself lucky to have one of these bad boys – consider yourself lucky!



A very small batch of tropical, juicy fruity IPA
with Mangos.

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