Geobunny IPA by Nod Hill Brewery

Geobunny IPA by Nod Hill Brewery

Brewery: Nod Hill Brewery
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%

Beer God’s Notes:

Original Tasting Notes: I love their motto: “Brew with wonder. Drink with joy.”

This had that really crisp but refreshing flavor. I found myself enjoying it more and more the more that I had (beer seems to do that). As it warmed up a bit though it opened up and I got some really nice dank flavors and aromas out of it.


Our house IPA, Geobunny is one of the first beers we developed on our pilot system and is well representative of our approach to hop-forward beers. Citra & Amarillo take the stage at first, with dank aromas & snappy citrus notes delivered with a soft & fluffy mouthfeel. The hops do not overpower though, balance is the name of the game here, as pleasant bready malt notes & fruity yeast character emerge then linger in the finish. Named for a mythical rabbit that roams the forests of Circadia.

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