Review: 35th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA by Boulder Beer


35th Anniversary

Boulder Beer 35th Anniversary Ale

Brewery: Boulder Beer,  Boulder, CO
Beer Style:  Imperial Black IPA
ABV:  9.5%


The 35th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA was a really dark and roasty IPA.  I love black IPA’s and I will always jump at the chance to try them.  Especially from a brewery as old as Boulder Beer.  This beer was incredibly easy to drink for how dark and “brooding” it poured.  Lots of hops in the nose with a lot of roasted malts too.


35th Anniversary

Dark black in color with a big all-around hop presence, Boulder 35 remains a well-balanced big IPA with a smooth roasted malt flavor. And at 9.5% alc./vol., it’s a perfect beer to share among friends while raising your glass to Colorado’s vibrant craft beer scene, all started 35 years ago.

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