@foundersbrewing Project PAM Black IPA

@foundersbrewing Project PAM black IPA. Really tasty at 11%.

Project PAM

Brewery: Founders Brewing Co, Grand Rapids, MI
Beer Style:  Imperial Black IPA
ABV:  10.8%

Beer God's Notes

Dark and stormy.  That’s what this beer reminded me of.  I tried this on draft at the Public House in Erie while visiting with a friend.  This paired perfectly with the brick fire pizza that I got for lunch.

The malts in this make it really smooth while the hops are really highly at play when you take your first sip.

Project PAM was one of those beers I wanted to try but didn’t because of the price tag on such a big bottle.  Well, I’m glad I was able to try a glass.  Very worthwhile.



Venture into the shadows of our brewers’ minds and discover their mad genius. From this unknown emerges Project PAM. In development for years under a shroud of secrecy, this Black IPA is brewed with a cornucopia of hops then aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels to add complex oaky bourbon notes and the sweetness of maple syrup to keep the bitterness in check. Like its creator, the origins of its name will forever remain a mystery. Project PAM clocks in at 10.8% ABV.

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