Review: IPA by Roc Brewing Co

@rocbrewingco IPA - pretty tasty beer. Tasted good while outside grilling.

IPA by Roc Brewing Co.

Brewery: Roc Brewing Co
Beer Style:  India Pale Ale
ABV:  6.8%

Beer God's Notes

I had Roc Brewing’s Double IPA not too long ago and it felt pretty malty to me.  A lot of times when breweries up the hops they try to balance it out and up the malts too.  The regular IPA seemed to be more hop-forward (which is how I like my IPAs).  This was really enjoyable.

Normally when I’m out in the sun IPAs lose their flavor pretty quickly as they get warmer, but I either drank this beer way too fast or it kept it’s hoppiness much longer than I expected.  I will keep my eye out for more hoppy Roc Brewing beers in the near future.  Especially since they are Western NY local.

I believe that this beer used to be called “Badass IPA”  which is pretty… well, badass.  But I can also understand wanting to tame the name down a bit.  Not everyone can be Flying Dog.

badass ipa



A true East Coast IPA brewed with a serious amount of herbal, citrusy and juicy aroma hops.

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