Review: 37 Pieces of Flair by Voodoo Brewery

@voodoobrewery 37 pieces of flair IPA

37 Pieces of Flair by Voodoo Brewery

Brewery: Voodoo Brewery
Beer Style: IPA
ABV:  7.9%

Beer God’s Notes

First off, how can you not love this name?  I laughed when I heard that was what it was actually called.  Second, wow.  Voodoo has been killing it lately with their fresh and unique beers. And this is another hit.  37 Pieces of Flair knocks the hops out of the park. I have no idea what was in this or what it’s IBUs are, but I like it, I like it a lot.

So much, that I have to go watch Office Space again now.




Similar to the smash hit Big Secret Pizza Party, 37 Pieces of Flair is also a Golden Rye IPA but this time brewed with with Citra and Apollo with Rye from one of his favorite European Maltsters

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