Review: Andromeda IPA by Galaxy Brewing Co

@galaxybrewingco Andromeda IPA - nice, pretty balanced. Nice flavor out of the 6.7%

Andromeda IPA by Galaxy Brewing Co.

Brewery: Galaxy Brewing Co
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV:  6.7%
IBUs: 58

Beer God’s Notes

I’m always excited when I walk into my local bottle shop (and now that’s exactly what it is… well a beer cafe) and find a NY beer that I haven’t had.  I’m even more excited when it’s one of the styles I love.

Andromeda IPA has a really nice balance to it.  Normally I feel that really balanced IPAs feel like they are missing something but this felt really well done.  The hops had a nice bite to them, but the malts really evened things out.

The only thing I was frustrated with was trying to get a nice picture of the can, because the artwork was pretty cool.  I will be on the lookout for more beer from these guys, especially if they continue to can their beers.


Galaxy Andromeda

Hoppy, citrusy, with notes of passion fruit and other tropical fruits. An “East Coast” style IPA, with an emphasis on the taste and aroma of the hops, not the bitterness. A taste explosion in your mouth.

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