Review: C-Ration (Single Varietal IPAs) by Southern Tier Brewing Co

@stbcbeer Cascade single varietal ale with my custom @yopeners

@stbcbeer Ration Type: Dinner - aka Centennial single hop IPA. @yopeners

C-Ration Single Varietal Variety Pack

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Single Varietal IPA
ABV:  n/a

Beer God's Notes

I had heard about these from a friend of mine and I had to scoop them up.  I’m always looking for beers that single out a hop and try and show it off so that beer drinkers can understand what each hop brings to the table.

The C-Ration Variety Pack was a really interesting one.  I thought that Southern Tier did a great job combining the visual effects of rations for the military with the types of hops too.

Each hop has their own characteristics and I thought they were shown off pretty well in this variety pack.  Honestly, I love all three of these hops and I was glad that I got to try a simple IPA with each one of them.

My only regret was not making a hybrid and combining all three to see what that would taste like!




This box was created in tribute to the men and women who have made the singular decision to join our armed forces. Each of the beers in the C-Ration box is made with one type of malt and one variety of hops. These distinctive hops, Centennial, Cascade, and Columbus, are grown in American soil. The package is an homage to the field rations of World War II, with each ready to drink bottle at 4.8% abv.

BREAKFAST: Cascade hops have been a staple of American craft brewers since the 1970′s and have a flowery, spicy, and moderate citrus characteristics.

SUPPER: Columbus hops are pungent in aroma, with high amounts of oil, and make excellently bittered ales.

DINNER: Centennial hops have been in service since 1990 and are less citrusy than Cascade.


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