Review: Azacca IPA by Founders Brewing

@foundersbrewing Azacca IPA in #properglassware

Azacca IPA

Brewery: Founders Brewing, Grand Rapids, MI
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV:  7%


I didn’t go into this with an expectation.  Usually, when I do that, especially with an IPA, I end up being disappointed.  This wasn’t the case here, I really enjoyed this new offering from Founders.  The Azacca IPA that I had was extremely fresh with a nice resinous hop to it.  The backbone of malts in this provides an exceptional balancing act for the nice upfront hops but doesn’t steal the show.  I really enjoyed this and will definitely grab a pint when I’m out.


Azacca IPA

Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, the Azacca hop boasts intense, tropical fruit notes. Azacca IPA includes a touch of caramel malt to provide a sweet backbone to the citrus, mango and orchard fruit notes in this 7% ABV, 70 IBUs beer. The label artwork symbolizes the god of agriculture watching over a field where the ingredients used to make the beer are being grown.

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