Review: Galaxy & Mosaic XPA by Woodcock Brothers Brewing Co

Galaxy & Mosaic XPA by Woodcock Brothers Brewing Co

Brewery: Woodcock Brothers Brewing Co
Beer Style:  IPA
ABV:  6.5%
IBUs: 40

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: Grilling steak and enjoying my @woodcockbrothers_brewing Galaxy & Mosaic XPA – this is incredible.

I spend more time than I’d like to admit trying to get great beer shots.  Sometimes you just go outside (after a cold winter) and take one shot and have it.  That happened with this one.  I should have expected this beer to blow my socks off when taking a pretty picture of it was so easy.

At first smell, this beer has a ton of the profile that I like in an IPA.  I missed the last XPA release (sad face), and I got incredibly lucky to get this beer (I love you beer friends!). Sure, this isn’t like getting a rare beer from Vermont or the New England area, but it’s close for here.

Woodcock Brothers recently underwent a branding change and I absolutely love it.  The can on this beer is awesome and it really highlights what they are trying to do with the XPA beers.

Apparently, I really like Galaxy and Mosaic hops, because I really enjoyed this beer.  It wasn’t balanced by any means, but it was freaking tasty.

It also paired extremely well with my steak that I was out cooking. I don’t do beer pairings as often as I should, but this one worked perfectly. (It also went really well with being outside in the semi-cold grilling meat).

I grabbed the IBUs off of Untappd, but I have a really hard time believing that this beer is only 40 IBUs. I’d be really curious what it really came in around (and shocked if it was only 40).


This special batch is tasting incredibly vibrant, citrusy, earthy and juicy out of the fermenter.

East Coast IPA brewed with – and double dry hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic hops. Canned on 2/2/17. Single limited run. Drink fresh damn it, drink fresh

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