Review: The Substance Ale by Bissell Brothers Brewing Co.

The Substance Ale by Bissell Brothers Brewing Co.

Brewery: Bissell Brothers Brewing
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.6%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: Wow. I wasn’t sure what to expect and this still blew my expectations out of the water. @bissellbrothers Substance IPA

I was in Portland a few years ago and had a chance to go to BBB, but I missed out because it was a Monday. Every since that day these guys have been on my ISO list.

I hate sounding hyperbolic when it comes to beer, but this was absolutely incredible.  It was everything I was expecting and so much more.  I’ve heard good things about this beer but I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into.

The substance is definitely dank.  Lots of citrus notes and that definitive NE IPA haze to it.  I took about 20 pictures to properly show off just how hazy this beer was.

The only thing that makes me sad about this is that it’s almost gone already (I just got a 4 pack) and that I can’t get it every week.


Our flagship; a brightly dank ale that threads many needles.

Hops: Falconers Flight, Centennial, Appolo, Summit, Chinook

Malts: 2-row, flaked wheat, flaked oats, caramel 20

ABV: 6.6%