Review: Roll Call EC 4 IPA by Gun Hill Brewing Co.

Roll Call EC 4 (East Coast IPA) by Gun Hill Brewing Co.

Brewery: Gun Hill Brewing Co
Beer Style:  East Coast IPA
ABV:  7.3%
IBUs: 75

Beer God’s Notes

This was the first in the EC series that didn’t hit it for me.  I can’t place the exact reason, but this one just fell a little flat.

I think that it was a little too dry for me, which feels weird describing a beer. That’s a great thing in a cider (in my opinion). But in a beer where I was expecting a nice refreshing beer, dry isn’t always good.

The hops in this felt like they were being muted by something, but it wasn’t the malt.  I can tell when a beer is balanced (or over-balanced) so that wasn’t it.

Overall, a different release from Gun Hill, honestly the first miss for me.  But you’ll have that from time to time.  I’m still eagerly awaiting more in the EC series.


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