Review: Top Cutter IPA by Bale Breaker Brewing Co

Top Cutter IPA by Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

Brewery: Bale Breaker Brewing Co
Beer Style:  IPA (Fresh Hopped)
ABV:  6.8%
IBUs: 70

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: awesome aromas coming out of this IPA. Tastes great from the can, especially as a #showerbeer

Sometimes you just need a shower beer.  Whether it’s a good or a bad day, the shower beer is there for you.  Cold and sweaty, telling you that it’s all going to be okay.

Another gift from a VA friend of mine, I did zero reading up on this beer.  I just turned the shower on and opened this puppy up.  The very first thing I noticed was the aromas coming directly from the can.  Usually from a can, you miss some of the aromatics, but this one came right out at me.

It smelled like grassy and piney hops which was also a nice change of pace.  So many IPAs are trying to be juicy, it’s always nice to have a tasty pine-bomb from time to time.  I checked the canned on date and it was a few months ago so I was worried about hop die-off, but there was none (or this thing was seriously hoppy when it was first canned).

I really enjoyed this.  So thanks to amazing beer friends for really enjoyable beers.  Especially shower beers.


Our flagship IPA is a well-balanced yet aggressive West Coast IPA that showcases Yakima Valley hops at their finest. Late additions of Simcoe®, Citra®, Ahtanum™, and Mosaic™ give this beer its complex citrus, fruity, and floral aroma and flavor. Named for a unique piece of farm equipment that removes hop vines from the trellis during the annual hop harvest, Topcutter IPA delivers loads of hoppiness all year long.

**Please Note: All Bale Breaker beer is heavily hopped and unfiltered, so some sediment may be present.

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