Aussie IPA by Upstate Brewing Co.

Aussie IPA

Upstate Brewing Aussie IPA

Brewery: Upstate Brewing Co, Elmira, NY
Beer Style: IPA
ABV:  6.7%

Beer God's Notes

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. A nice hop bomb. Really tasty. Thanks guys for this!

This is excellent.  A really nice floral hop aroma with a nice bite.  I was hit by this awesome resinous scent as soon as I opened it. Which then got even stronger upon pouring.  The taste matches, and if you’re a big IPA fan, this will taste great to you.

Right now, this is only available at the brewery (and I’m sure in super limited quantities) but this should be made a full-year release.

BUFFALO be on the lookout, there are a few bars that are getting some of this this weekend.


Aussie IPA

They used Ella, Enigma, and Vic Secret Hops

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