Review: Moving Parts The Ever-Evolving IPA # 05 by Victory Brewing Co.

@victorybeer Moving Parts The Ever-Evolving IPA # 05


Moving Parts The Ever-Evolving IPA # 05

Brewery: Victory Brewing Co, Downingtown, PA
Beer Style:  Style
ABV:  6.5%

Beer God’s Notes

This reminds me of a hoppy IPL.  I’m not really sure why — I think the flavor profile fits the lager more than an ale.  I’m not sure of the IBUs on this, but I’d put them around 50-60 if I were to take a guess.  The New Zealand hop profiles give this more of a piney flavor than the citrus.  Overall a easy sipping 6.5% IPA.  Enjoyable after work for sure!



New Zealand IPA

We like to mix it up. New flavors, new ideas, new ingredients; we welcome them all. In celebration of our penchant for prolific experimentation, we present Moving Parts: The Ever-Evolving IPA. Each release in this series (every four months) celebrates a tweaked ingredient or two, creating an endless array of possible flavor profiles. For us, Moving Parts are a good thing!


Malt: Pilsner, CaraPils, Cara 35

Hops: Azacca, Rakau, Wakatu

ABV: 6.5%


Aromas of grapefruit and white grape combine with flavors of crisp passion fruit and subtle notes of pine in this gold colored New Zealand ale.

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