Review: Death Posture DDH IPA by Foreign Objects

Death Posture DDH IPA by Foreign Objects

Brewery: Foreign Objects
Style: NE IPA (DDH)
ABV: 8.1%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: Death Posture DDH IPA by @fobeerco – a nice contrast of dark and light with the can and the beer and the beer is tasty as hell too

There isn’t much I can say to top what is above.  I was wondering if this bad boy had Galaxy hops in it – and it sure does.  There was something in it that just told me that.  A tasty double dry hopped ale that will have you craving more.


Assume the Death Posture and glean beyond your subjective experience of reality! Attain the Chaote’s gnosis— the Void-Self Perception! This Foreign Objects New-American Hoppy Ale will inspire your Night of Pan! Galaxy, Motueka, and Calypso hops combine to create aromas and flavors of intense citrus meringue, earthy tropical ambrosia, and a frighteningly sincere understanding that the only way out of subjectivity is through the Void! Drink deeply, as sensory overload and mystical wisdom are sure to follow!