Haleakalā Sunryes IPA by Maui Brewing Co.

@mauibrewingco Haleakalā Sunryes IPA

Haleakalā Sunryes IPA by Maui Brewing Co.

Brewery: Maui Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Rye IPA
ABV:  5.7%
IBUs: 78

Beer God’s Notes

This reminds me of one of my favorite rye beers, One Claw.  In a really really good way.  The rye gives this a nice balance — giving it a little bit more body and a little more “umph” that balance out the hoppiness of the hops.  This beer isn’t overly hoppy (even being 78 IBUs).

I was getting both pine and citrus hop profiles in this and they weren’t really fighting for supremacy.  They were living in perfect harmony with the addition of the rye.



A medium-bodied India Pale Ale with spicy notes of rye and a bright hop aroma

Brewer’s Notes:

Appearance: Deep Dark Copper

Aroma: Late addition and light dry hop with simcoe hops kick in notes of pine and citrus in aroma

Flavor: The rye adds an earthy and spicy character complementing the bitterness of the hops.

“Stunning color, and just as cold as the real thing.”

Crafted with passion from the heart of paradise. We are an innovative and independent brewery.  Welcome to the ‘ohana.


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